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Join our annual Juneau Group with members of the
Juneau Dive Club in “The Land of the Swallows,”
the Mayan translation of Cozumel. Drift dive through
crystal clear, warm, Caribbean waters. Drift diving
is like flying - Cozumel’s speciality.

Rob Martin, Montanus owner, has been diving in
Cozumel since the 1960’s and now returns every
year.  Rob and Leimomi will personally guide you
through your travel experience. They will also
escort you to favorite restaurants to sample the
extraordinary cuisine.

Savvy travelers know that staying in San Miguel
puts you in the heart of Cozumel, the local scene,
and the culture. You will be staying only a few
blocks from the Zocalo (town square) in a hotel
which prides itself in your pleasure and comfort.
Your hotel is the architectural centerpiece of the
area, having won a first prize for modern Mexican

You start your dive days with a breakfast buffet
which includes a large selection of fresh fruits,
juices, eggs, breakfast meats, Mexican dishes, and
fresh baked goods.

Your dive boat meets you a short distance from
your hotel with your equipment already onboard.  
Isle of Cozumel 2010

After diving there’s a fresh water shower and
you’ll be handed a fluffy towel.  Then you will
have a scrumptious lunch at a picturesque

Your afternoon and evenings are free to shop
And explore.

Don’t forget dinner and margaritas!