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Alaska Dive Training & Travel

Advanced Course Prices
Intro to Tech/Discover Tec Diving (Course Prices $350-$450)
These are courses which will help you decide if technical diving is for you.

Advanced/Technical Sequence (Course Prices $850-$1100)
Advanced/Technical Nitrox - Deco Techniques/Procedures.  Gain the knowledge
and skills to use higher concentration nitrox and 100% oxygen for extended
Bottom time and with decompression dives.

Trimix Diving (Course Prices $500-$1250)
Helitrox, Heliair, Trimix (may be taught in one or up to three levels dependant
on the certifying agency). You gain the training and experience to use helium
mixes to keep nitrogen narcosis in check.

Gas Blending/Oxygen Service Technician (Course Prices $250-$400)
Gas Blender (Nitrox) - Gas Blender Trimix
You learn to blend the gas mixes you will be using. You will also learn
procedures required to safely work with oxygen.

Technical/Advanced Wreck Diving (Course Prices $650-$800)
These courses teach you the skills and techniques used to explore wrecks
outside and inside.

Course prices vary depending on required classroom hours and number of
dives. Advanced/Technical and Trimix sequences may be taken in increments.

Course price does not include: Textbooks and course materials, equipment,
gas fills, or boat charter fees/tips.

Certification is not guaranteed unless course standards are met.