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Alaska Dive Training & Travel

Advanced Dive Training
Are you are looking for more adventure and to experience new
frontiers in your diving? Are you seeking to challenge yourself and
desire the skills and discipline to overcome the added risks? Do you
want to see the inside of a shipwreck? Or, do you think it might be
cool just to go really deep? Technical training can take you there.

Advanced or technical diving covers a range of diving activities
including the exploration of overhead environments such as caves
and the interiors of wrecks. This type of diving usually involves
going beyond the 130 ft recreational limit and often requires
decompression stops. These dives may include the use of mixed
gases (helium) to lower narcosis at depth, and the use of oxygen
and nitrox to accelerate decompression. Technical diving also
includes the use of closed circuit rebreathers.

Technical diving requires a lot of equipment, worn in a systematic
way to maximize efficiency and team effectiveness.  Although you
can learn about equipment configuration from books and websites,
the most important portion of your training involves procedures
and skill development. It is vital to learn these through the
guidance of your instructor.

Montanus provides your training in challenging Alaskan waters.
Many of the training dives can be done from shore. Any required
deeper dives may be experienced from a boat on vertical walls
which drop hundreds of feet.

Join the adventure!